More about XyNed


XyNed was established by Xuelian Chu. Xuelian Chu was raised in China, en completed her academic education in "Foreign Trade English" there, which prepared her for a job as interpreter/translator Chinese<>English. After her education, Xuelian Chu worked as an interpreter/translator wit a leading petrochemical manufacturer in China, en was involved in several tasks, like contract negotiations, technical discussions, meetings, etc. etc.


Subsequently, Xuelian Chu has lived in the United States for a few years. In 2001 she moved to The Netherlands, en has managed to learn the Dutch language within a short time, most recently by completing her master-education in Dutch language studies at Leiden University.  During her study, she has specialized in second-language acquisition. In addition, to broaden her experience, she as completed a management study, with a focus on International Cultural Management, and also a specialism in Didactics.


Her practical experience as interpreter/translator, combined with her academic background in Dutch and English language, International Cultural Management and Didactics   are truly unique, and of importance for customers who are faced with using Chinese language.